Selling America

In my business we deal with a good number of international buyers. Selling America is never the problem. America sells itself when international investors see the freedom, success, health, and joy mostly found when they see Americans at live, work and play.

If you watch the news, many of the stories that dominate are about murder, hate, race, crime etc. etc. What they do not tell you is the people in those stories probably account for less than one tenth of one percent of the US population. For the other 99.9% of us, we all want basically the same things. Freedom, peace, gainful employment, safety and hope for the future. We want to live a life not controlled by dictators, madmen and sociopaths. We want America.

The other day I was showing a hotel to some buyers, and we were eating lunch together in a fairly full restaurant. I looked out over the crowd dominated by business people traveling alone, couples, single people, families and children that probably covered the entire spectrum of most of the American population. I looked at the buyers and said, “those people represent who live and work in this market.” I could tell the truth landed in their hearts by the fact that they wanted to invest in the area.

We have some people that speak sounds bites that get picked up by the news where they say, if so and so is elected or not elected, or if this or that is not done, we are going to leave this country. Most everyone hearing it says, “oh, please do.” You see, its all-hot air, because they never actually intended to leave. America does not have a problem with people wanting to leave the country. We have a problem handling all the people who want to immigrate here. The opposite of immigrate is to emigrate, which means to leave one’s country to live in another.

When you compare the available lifestyle and opportunities in American to any other place on the face of the earth, even with all our social issues and sometime disfunction, American is still the best address in the world. KT

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