Say what you need to say

John Mayer wrote a song entitled “Say.” The theme of the song is to say what you need to say. Some of the lyrics of the song are, you may feel like a one man army, have no fear and it’s better to say too much than never to say what you need to say.

This is not a Christian based song but it could very well be a good stand in.

There is a big difference between saying whatever comes to your mind without any filter and saying what you know in your heart you need to say. I am not talking about a loud mouth who just says whatever rolls into his thought process. I am talking about knowing in your heart you need to say something, but because of intimidation or fear, you don’t say to the other person what you know you should.

Maybe 2016 is your year of walking without fear and without intimidation and being bold enough to speak up. Ronald Reagan said “It is better to be respected than liked.”

Sometimes you just need to say it. Get it out in the open so you can get beyond its grip and start the process of settling the matter. KT

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  1. I still think you need to put together a daily devotional of these blog posts. I think with a little editing, you’d have a real winner!

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