Running the traps

The term, running the traps, is an old saying from back in the 1800’s when hunters and fishermen would set traps for what they wanted to catch. They would “run the traps” meaning they would vigilantly go several times a day to see if they caught anything.

The reason I refer to this is because in business, life, hunting, relationships, religion etc., there are things you can and should do and then there are things you must do if you want to stay in the game. Setting the traps and then never going back to check on them is not a wise way to run your business or your life. Today, in a manner of speaking, that is exactly what many people do. They start something and then lose interest and go on to the next thing. I have term I use called, the lynch pin, meaning it is the most important part. For example, a trailer hitch is held in place by a two-dollar lynch pin. It doesn’t matter how expensive the truck is or how expensive the boat or RV or is. What holds it together is the two-dollar lynch pin.

In our lives there are lynch pins in everything you do. If you are married, telling your spouse you love them is like a lynch pin. Simple, inexpensive, yet very powerful. I heard a guy say one time, if you have trouble remembering your anniversary, just forget it once and you won’t have that problem again. ha

Running the traps can many times be mundane and boring. Many times, people think, well, I will just skip that part. In our business, the lynch pin is talking with and meeting with new clients. If we stop doing that, we might as well roll up the door mat and go on home. Emails, texts, tweets, websites are all good things but the personal phone call or face to face meeting is like the lynch pin on the trailer hitch. It is the most important part.

So, in life, relationships, business, religion, sales etc., find the most basic and most important aspect and always remember to at least do that one thing. If you run the traps, meaning, stay vigilant on the most important parts, you will find more success, balance and meaning to your life. KT

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