Routine day

The term, routine day, sounds terrible, right? Well, I believe we need to look at this term and what it means a little closer.

A routine day is one in which you basically do the same kind of things you usually do. No events, no excitement, no variations, nothing different and nothing special. Just a normal day in your life. I am not saying a routine life should always be our goal. We all need some change, variation and adjustment ever now and again. What I am saying is to not always have the need for change. Sometimes going about a daily routine is a good thing.

In life, there are times we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. Sometimes we don’t know how blessed we are until an event or a conversation happens that changes everything. If you received a bad diagnosis from your doctor, would you want to get back to a normal uneventful routine day? Sure, you would. If you had an unplanned job change or a loss in an investment or a family member passed unexpectedly, would you long to have back that routine day? Therefore, take an inventory today of your blessings and yes, you may be changing diapers, washing clothes, making sales calls or just simply doing the same thing you did last week but sometimes understanding how quick things can change helps us appreciate what we already have.

I sell hotels and I thought this morning, how many times I have traveled to a city to sell a hotel and it is probably thousands. There will be a day, sooner rather than later, where this part of my life is over, and I won’t be able to do what I currently do for a living. Life seems to go by quicker than you think. If you are a young mother who is sleepy from being up last night or a young father searching for significance, as hard as it may seem, embrace these moments because they will not last. One day, you will long for and wish you could have just a normal, routine day. KT

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