Rooms in our homes and life

We all have areas and rooms in our homes that we see every day and every day we just walk by them. Last night we were getting ready for bed and I had to go down the hall to our kitchen. We have a seldom used step down living room in the middle of our house that has arched windows with ceiling heights around 20 feet. This room is only used when we have large gatherings and holidays etc.

So, last night I was walking by that room and just paused to really look at it. It was dark outside, and the moon light was shining just right through those arched windows and the room looked beautiful. My favorite movie of all time is White Christmas with Bing Crosby and in the movie, the old lodge had arched windows very similar to those in our house. While I was looking at that room last night, I thought about White Christmas and how that time circa was simpler and the problems of the world (seemed) less significant. I just took a moment looking at that room with a new focus and appreciation.

I also thought about the rooms (some are hidden) in our lives that we see every day and every day we just walk by. Some of those rooms hold good memories and some of those rooms hold unpleasant memories and secrets. I have found It is important in our life to settle the rooms with unpleasant memories and secrets. If we don’t, one day we will be walking through the rooms of our life and won’t have the option but to stop and resolve it. Many people think that just ignoring the problem will make it go away, but this practice seldom resolves the issues. Look at the rooms in your life and choose to get them straightened up and cleaned out.

Last night (in my mind) I named that room in our house, the White Christmas room because it creates such good memories for me with all my family being there during a joyous holiday season. Hopefully you will also have rooms in your house/life that bring to mind good memories and joyous times. KT

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  1. I totally agree with settling the rooms in your house (life). It is so liberating to just be free of all those old unpleasant memories. I take inventory every now and then just to be sure I don’t find anything unresolved. I love you my brother and you are such an inspiration to me.

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