Righteous indignation

It is ok to get mad every now and then. People think you should not have these emotions if you are a Christian. Remember what Jesus did when he saw the money changers in the temple? He turned their tables and chairs over and threw them out of the temple.

Sometimes you just need to let people know where you stand. In this I would caution you to also be careful because once you let words out of your mouth, you can never take them back. If you do get angry, be in control and do not allow yourself to say things that you will later regret saying.

I just had a little moment today with our venue where we are having our company’s holiday work party. I called and emailed for 4 days and got nothing. So my call this morning went something like “ok, this is my last call. If you don’t want our business just don’t call back. If you do want our business then pick up the phone and call me.” See, I was nice enough, right? I didn’t say any bad words or spit in the phone, rather it was just a matter of fact statement. Guess what? The lady called me back within 3 minutes. Keep in mind I have been trying to reach them since last Thursday. So I ask myself, why is it that some people have to push you to anger before they respond?

My father in-law Max Phillips used to say something that has always resonated with me. He said when God saved your soul and made you a Christian, he did not make you a doormat for people to walk on. That’s pretty simple isn’t it? It is also very true. I believe it is ok to stand up and be counted and to let other people know you deserve their respect.

So in short, be strong, always be full of grace and be bold in everything you do. KT

3 thoughts on “Righteous indignation

  1. Keith, my beloved brother, you will never know how you have blessed me and helped me today with this exact message. Thank you.

  2. I really needed to read this today. I really enjoy your blogs and today have started at the end and working my way back to the beginning. Thank you.

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