Retirement scares me. I know it should be something you look forward to but it still scares me. I like work and I like the interaction with people and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you have tried your best on a project. It is also all I have known since I became an adult.

There was a study done by Merrill Lunch and Age Wave in 2013 that really got my attention. They asked people before they retired “what will you miss the most when you retire?” the number one answer (38%) was reliable income. When they asked people that have already retired “what they miss most after they retired?” the number one answer (65%) was the social aspects and mental stimulation of work.

If you have already retired and are reading this I think the answer lies in finding something meaningful to be involved in that challenges you and keeps you mentally engaged. If you have not retired and are reading this, I think the answer is to not be in hurry to reach a destination, rather be completely in the moments of your life.

I know one person who retired and literally when home and got in a recliner and ceased to live an active life. It did not turn out well for that person. Retirement can be a beautiful thing if it is planned for in advanced. I am told that of all the life changes, retirement can be the most difficult to adjust to.

It is like driving down a road we all have to go down. Some people pull off early and some pull off late but we all have pull off at some point. I am guessing it is everyone’s choice to achieve retirement age because the opposite is to not to live long enough.

I suppose the point I am making is that regardless of the life stage you are in, recognize how very special life is and never take a day or a sunrise for granted. Never miss an opportunity to share a kind word or an uplifting compliment or make a positive impression on those around you. Use your opportunity to leave a legacy for your family and friends because that can only be done while you are among the living. KT

PS: if you want to watch a good movie about living long and strong, watch the movie Secondhand Lions with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine.

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