Repairing or Preparing

Most people spent today either repairing the mistakes they made yesterday or preparing for what they will do tomorrow. The problem is they forget about what needs doing today. Today is a gift and its powerful because yesterday is a memory and tomorrow may not come. When you get down to it in life, today, is really all we have. Right now, is really all we have because we don’t even know for sure we will even be alive tonight.

I have these cards that I write my things-to-do list on and I have been using these cards since 1990. I order them along with a yearly planner pad that covers each week of the year. At home in my office I have 30 years of these planner pads and I could tell you with with some level of certainly where I was and possibly what I was doing on any give day since 1990.

On the daily cards, I write out all the things I want to do that day and then go back and number them in priority of importance. Many days I barely get half of the things accomplished and then move the unfinished items over to the next day. I really try to manage myself to stay on track and do what is the most important first and not just what is easiest to check off.

It is human nature to subconsciously want to save the harder things till tomorrow and do the easier things today. It takes real resolve to tackle the hard things today instead of putting them off till another day.

Today is a gift and tomorrow while hoped for, is not promised. Any leadership book you read will speak about the importance of today and being your best today and using your time today in the most efficient manner. Whatever you do (work, play, family) do it with all you have. Listen to your children and focus on their little faces while they talk to you. Let them know you are listening. When your spouse talks, listen and let them know you understand. When you work, do it so everyone around you respects you and when you go home at night, turn that cell phone off and be there in that moment even if it is just hanging out with your family. When the good lord calls you home, trust me when I tell you, it will be the moments with your family you will remember last. It won’t be that client dinner or that work proposal. No, it will be those moments when you are one on one with your child reading them a bedtime story or watching a movie with your spouse.

Use today for what it was meant for. Being there. KT

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