Rebuking the devourer

Two of the most important passages of scripture to me is Malachi 3:10 and 3:11. The first versus speaks about being a tither and the second verse states what God will do on your behalf if you are a tither. What verse 11 says is “I will rebuke the devourer for your sake and he will not destroy the fruits of your ground neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of Hosts.” The devourer is the devil or others that are trying to harm you and the fruit and vine represent your life, your work and your family. It means what you are working toward will not be like a piece of fruit that falls from its vine and rots on the ground. He will see to it that your fruit stays on the vine until it is fully ripe and ready for harvest.

A good writer could talk about this passage of scripture for 20 pages. I will just use use a couple of paragraphs.

What this scripture means is that if you are a tither, God will fight the fight for you against the one or ones trying to hurt you. It says he will rebuke the devourer or in other words he will handle the people trying to harm you. He says “I have it handled,” and if he has it handled it means I don’t have to carry envy, anger and strife and jealousy against my enemies. The 23rd psalm says he will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. So I ask you, where are your enemies? Are they in heaven or here on the earth? Yea, mine are here on earth too.

I didn’t do what I am about to say but I almost did. I have this past friend that was really trying to harm me professionally. He doesn’t know to this day that I know what he did. I almost called him, not to raise my voice to him but to tell him as a friend, don’t try to harm me because I am a tither and you need to be careful. Again, I didn’t do that but you can sense from the idea how much I believe in this passage of scripture.

If you are a tither, when people try to harm or hurt you with actions and or words just go tell God on them. Do like you used to do with your brother or your sister when you went and told your mom or dad what they did. When you tell him, he already knows what you are going to say. Just leave the retribution to him instead of letting yourself get all out of sorts over the issue. If there is anything true about God, he is exact, perfect, timely and never fails to do what he says he will do. KT

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  1. I have been confessing that God will rebuke the devourer for my sake as it is written when I tithe for a while now, because that is the part that gets left off so many times when we are being told about tithing. Thank you for just confirming this for me.

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