Play button versus pause button

We all have seen videos, games, presentations with the play arrow in the middle of the screen to get started. If you are watching a YouTube about how to paint your house, go ahead a hit that play button. However, in the weightier things/ big decisions in life, we would all do well to remember the pause button exists for a reason. It lets you stop and think about it before proceeding.

As you think back over your life there are probably memories of times you wish you could go back and hit pause instead of play. There may have been a job decision, relationship decision, parenting decision, financial decision, health decision and the list could go on for pages. The point is, when faced with a decision that will affect your future and your family’s future, the pause button is your friend because it lets you think it through.

In my career I have hit the pause button many times and thankful I did. There are also many times in business when I proceeded to hit play only to find out later, I should have hit pause. We cannot go back and rewind and get a do-over. We must live with the decisions we made, but we can use that knowledge in future decisions. Many times, a short pause can often be the difference between a good decision and a bad one. KT

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