Ping in your spirit

I did something today I have never done in my life. I bought the same car twice.

Before you snicker, let me tell you the story. There are times in our life when we get a real quickening in our spirit about something. I have had this happen many times in many situations. I remember one time I got lost in St Louis and my heart starting pinging that I needed to get away as fast as I could. Other times it is an impression to do something for someone, right now. Other times it was a decision I just couldn’t get peace over and had to cancel whatever it was. Regardless of popular opinion, God does talk to us through the holy spirit.

The story – after selling and or trading almost every car we own over the last two months; I bought a new mid-sized Chevy truck 11 days ago. It was exactly what I wanted. The warning pings in my spirit started the day after I bought it. I have never had this happen before about a vehicle and I cannot explain it. I could not get peace about driving it. Something was wrong and something was going to happen to me in that truck.

Long story short, I said OK God and made a few calls and the dealer I had traded our jeep to six weeks ago still had it. He gave me what I had in the truck, and I am now the owner of the same Jeep I traded six weeks ago.

Here is the point – for every believer who recognizes that upon salvation, God takes up residence inside our heart through the holy spirit understands he is not there just when we die. He is there for every move and every decision while we are living and (my opinion) we should listen when he prompts us. KT

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