Pig wearing a wristwatch

Sometimes people do things or wear things that remind me of a pig wearing a wristwatch. The image of the pig wearing a watch is just stupid because the pig doesn’t know how out of place he looks.

It is like an 80-year-old man with jet black hair or an overweight man in a speedo. I am by choice not going to use any examples of what women sometimes do and wear.

Take cars for example, if I brought a new twin turbo Porsche 911, I would look like a pig wearing a wristwatch. I could however buy a 1965 classic 911 and look perfectly right. Take Mustangs for example, me in a new GT Mustang with the black wheels, pig again, but driving a 1967 Shelby 500 Mustang, cool.

I saw a guy at a conference who was my age and he was wearing some skin tight pants with a double knit shirt unbuttoned down to his nim-witties and he looked absolutely like a pig wearing a wristwatch. Same thing with guys and hair gel. Once men get to a certain age (like over 30) hair gel is simply no longer appropriate because it makes you look like you are trying to be slick and young when that may not be at all what you think you look like. I saw a pastor one time that was dressed in a nice suit, but he was wearing a big gold neckless over his shirt and tie. He thought, man I am really cutting a wake and looking good, when in reality he was telling people not to listen to what he says.

So the point is to do age appropriate activities and dress relevant to your position and age in life so that when you walk by, people don’t say, “he looks like a pig wearing a wristwatch.” Ha. KT

One thought on “Pig wearing a wristwatch

  1. Hmmmm, that gives me a lot of food for thought. I have this retro hair style lately and it just fits unlike the hundreds I’ve tried before. lol

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