I was on Google last night looking at pictures from the early 1900’s. That time period for some reason interests me and gives me great pause. I was looking at a wedding picture from 1904 that had 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen. Everyone looked so full of life and so young and so expectant of their life ahead. While looking at those pictures I remembered that all the people in that picture have passed away and that their time on earth was gone. You only get a short window.

Your picture will be viewed a 100 years from now by family and friends or interested parties. When I think of these type things I cannot help but think about how I will be remembered and what my family will remember me for. Many people think it’s only about your accomplishments or the money you make. That could not be farther from the truth. It is much more about how you lived, what you stood for, what you wrote about and what physical writings your future family will have of yours.

I asked myself last night how great it would be if I had the diary of my grandfather’s Maynard Bell and Verla Thompson. What if I had my great grandfather Charlie Thompson’s diary or his father Jeremiah Thompson? See where I am going with this? I believe if I have my forefather’s written words of life instructions, what a gift that would be.

So it is not about money and the house you live in or the car you drive. All those things will pass away and mean nothing to your great great grandchildren. Your words however and instructions will carry meaning for generations. Tell them who you are and what you believe in and the “story” of your life.

Google “Gilded Age Photos” and look at the images of lives from long ago, people that have passed away, years that have gone by and ask yourself what will you be remembered for? If you are reading this blog, it is not too late to turn off the TV occasionally and start writing about yourself and your life and the meaning of who you are. Your family linage will cherish having those written memories of you and to know who you were. KT

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