Pictures are a funny thing. They capture the time periods of joy, pain, boldness, failure and even periods of uncertainty. I have often said, you can read someone eyes because they are the windows into the soul.

I was looking at some pictures recently and remembering the time periods with the joys and also the struggles represented in the people in the pictures. It was really humbling to know where they are today and to know that God had his hand on them during the struggle period and brought them out of the other side.

If anyone questions if there is a God, all they have to do is look at pictures of themselves during difficult periods and then look in the mirror at themselves today. The only difference between the two is the hand of God. I have a dear friend that has tried for many years to intellectualize God and just can’t seem to wrap his mind around the idea that there is a God and he does exist. The idea that all this (look around you) just happened by itself, is frankly the response of an unlearned person. For me it is far harder to believe that all this just happened than to believe there is a God that created it. In such matters I suppose I am a simple person that simply believes.

Pictures tell a story that is inescapable. You just cannot hide joy or sadness. It is in the eyes. While there are certainly pictures of people that progressed downward in life, for me, what a joy it is to look back at pictures of the ones I love and see the progression from where they were to where they are now. You cannot do this without letting praise to God fall from your lips.

This weekend is Easter. Look past the bunnies and eggs and come full face with a God that was and is real today and is standing at the door knocking. KT

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