Our dogs never have a bad day

Our dogs consist of a little 5lb Yorkie and a short fat Sheltie. The Yorkie has the body or a squirrel and the heart of a lion. The Sheltie is just happy to be there.

Over the past year of the pandemic when business was questionable and loses were an everyday occurrence, the thing that never changed was how our dogs reacted every day went we came home.

They didn’t care what happened that day in the stock market. They didn’t care if someone got slighted or there was some stress at the office, or some company went bankrupt. They didn’t care what clothes you wore that day or if you even combed your hair. The one thing they did care about was if you were wearing your mask when you came home. Ha

Regardless of the day’s events, our dogs welcomed us home with unconditional love and acceptance. All they needed to complete their day was us at home. They tell you that one year in a dog’s life is the equivalent to seven years in a human’s life. I think I know why. They never get stressed, never say the wrong thing, never hurt someone’s feelings or get their feelings hurt. They are quick to forgive and their love is unconditional. I guess things like that is why a dog gets the same amount of love, joy, and peace in one year as the seven years it takes us humans.

That may be why when God created a dog, he gave them a name that was his name spelled backward. KT

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