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There are two kinds of people. Probably more,,,,, but I only want to talk about these two. There are people that are driven and entrepreneurial and then there are the people I call, 9-to-5’ers. They are both good type people you enjoy being around and for the most part, are trustworthy and reliable.

The driven person is one who thinks for him or herself and doesn’t have to ask about every detail along the way. They are driven and think out of the box and work when it may not be expected and probably won’t be noticed. They don’t seek the recognition. They are people that don’t need constant confirmation from co-workers and leaders. They just go do the job the very best they can and don’t keep a record of how long it takes. They are simply the same type people all our grand-parents and great-grand parents were. Mine were all farmers and they didn’t go to the house at 5 o’clock. They worked many times 12-14 hours a day. They didn’t even own a watch except maybe the one they carried in their pocket on Sunday.

Now let’s talk about the 9-to-5’ers. I am talking about employees, not business owners. They don’t do one single thing that they are not paid for. They never work beyond the 5 o’clock quitting time. You tell them do something and they are happy to do it provided it does not require them to think out of the box and God forbid, do a little more than was asked of them. 9-to-5’ers are generally good reliable people but if you employ one of them you better make sure you understand what you are getting. You will get what you asked for but nothing more. A 9-to-5’er will be neck deep in a project that may take only another hour to complete but at 5 o’clock sharp, they stop work.

In this Post-COVID marketplace we see today, you quickly find out the kind of people you want to surround yourself with. It doesn’t take a PhD in business to understand that if you had to lay someone off, the first ones out the door are the 9-to-5’ers. KT

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