One of the most respected men I know

I have a friend in our business that I respect greatly. If I had to choose three people I have the highest regard for, he would be one of the three.

He had a large business back in the 90’s and owned a lot of hotels with a very small group of investors. Through a disposition move, he lost all his holdings. While other people when faced with this same set of circumstances, would fade away and not get back in the business. My friend started over from the basics and build a new company that today is larger than the company he lost 20 years ago. He has done it honestly, straight forward and with incredible integrity. Today, he is one of the finest men I know and I could not be more proud for him of the success he has obtained.

When you look back through time, very seldom do you see people having success after success with no failures involved. You may see this more today in the tech world where it seems that they invent some technology that just blows up overnight to be a success. It is important to remember that even Steve Jobs got fired once from his own company before being rehired and turning the company around.

Like with my friend, success usually come to the one who is persistent and patient who does business honestly and transparent. At the end of every success book ever written is the part where people do business with who they trust and like. It is as fundamental in business as anything I know. KT

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