One degree off course

In life, where we end up, can be significantly altered by a slight directional change now. Let’s take one degree as an example. If you started walking straight toward a target one mile away and turned one degree to the left or right at the beginning, you would miss your target by 92 feet. If you were flying to the moon and altered your course by one degree, you would miss the moon by 4,200 miles (twice the diameter of the moon.)

I heard a pastor say once that your direction is far more important than your intention. The example he used was that you could have the greatest intentions to go to Florida but if your car is heading north it doesn’t matter what your intentions are, you will not be going to Florida.

It is the same in life. One little direction change now could realign where you end up in life. Let’s say, you decided to cheat someone, lie on your taxes, mislead someone, try some substance you shouldn’t, have a relationship you shouldn’t etc. The list could go on for pages of the little decisions today that become very large decisions later in your life.  In a full circle there is 360 degrees so you can imagine how small a one-degree change is. At the beginning it is almost unnoticeable but that directional change could mean a whole different life for you.

In life its usually not the big decisions that get us off tract. It’s usually a combination of little decisions that seem so small they couldn’t possible influence us long term. Think again, because it is those little directional changes, we make that could result in a real shift to where we end up in life. I heard a guy say one time that, “whatever you compromise to keep, you will eventually lose.” I think he was right. If you compromise your integrity now, that little degree turn in your direction, could affect your children, grandchildren and possibly your future.

So be aware, diligent and smart about little decisions you make today. We only get one try at life and it would be a shame to miss the target 20 years from now because of a little change in direction today. KT

One thought on “One degree off course

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that when we make a directional one degree mistake, God can put us right back on the right track?

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