One 24-hour day

Wouldn’t it be great to have just one 24 day without political sides, race conversation, resentment, hatred and the press demanding that everyone believe like they do? Just one 24-hour period where we choose to look at the best in others and just be brothers and sisters together. Just one day where look through the Lens of God the way he looks at us.

Many people don’t realize or maybe they just don’t understand that God looks at us all equal and through the lens of love and forgiveness. He doesn’t see race, creed, background, job, school, physical looks, the car you drive or how important we think we are etc. This list could go on for many pages of the things society looks at versus the things he never sees. He simply looks at your heart and wants you to know him. He will forgive your history and speak nothing of your past. In fact, he will let you start over as many times as you need. He is the father that is standing in the field watching and waiting for his child to come home.

What would it be like for the news media to report for 24 hours on what is right instead of what is wrong with America? I for one would love a good story about a mom and dad who are faithful to each other and go about life in an honest simple way and grow old together and celebrate their family well into the later years of life. That is who the heroes should be. People who just do what is right and leave life with their families and friends being better off for having known them. Living a life that can be passed down through generations with joy, honesty and respect. That’s what I’m talking about. KT

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