Old school selling

When I started selling hotels, we had no internet, email, cell phones, tweets, text, websites or social media etc. If you did an evaluation for client, you had to buy an airline ticket or drive to the hotel to physically see it. We had no aerials photography or sites like google maps. We had to get face to face to sell anything. We also had to print presentations and offering memorandums for each hotel we were selling. The magic back then was the personal meetings with the sellers and or buyers.

This past week I was reminded of how easy it is to assume an emailed presentation and then follow up phone call is sufficient. Well, it’s not. The fundamentals of selling have not changed. People still hire people they like and trust. The only difference is they can’t tell either of those things over email, websites or phone.

The below link is an American Airlines commercial from 1990 back when a phone and a fax was the most advanced way to communicate with a client. You will get the idea. The basics of business, at least our business has not changed. It’s the personal connection that is the magic maker. KT

American Airlines – 1990 –


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