New Normal

It seems like we have been in this current COVID situation for several years, but it has only been five weeks. Five weeks ago, I flew to Baltimore to speak at a hotel investor conference and the room was packed with people everywhere and all in your (what we now know) personal space. I did not think a thing about going to the airport with hordes of other people, riding on the subway and getting on a packed plane and being in a conference room with 500 people.

That was five weeks ago. Today the world has changed, and the way people think about being around other people may change long term. Our company has been working from home for four weeks now. I still go into the office because I am the only one there and the sad part is, I seem to be getting used to it. I get to park right in front of the door, don’t have to wait in a line for coffee, no one interrupts me asking questions, no meetings, no counseling, no drama, nothing. I just come in and do what I can and then go home and eat a quiet dinner with my wife and take the dogs for a walk. Ha

Clearly our world as we knew it has changed. Going to church, ball games, shopping, restaurants, movies, etc. we have a new normal that no one saw coming. It is like God reached down and said, I will make you lay down beside the still water (Psalm 23.)

Be safe and use this time away to better yourself with exercise, reading, reconnecting with love ones and finding a new balance in your life. KT

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