New calender

I just received my 2015 business calendar. I have used the same calendar system for 24 years, and I keep every one of them in case someone ever asks what I was working on July 10, 1999. I may have a pretty good chance of answering the question. Ha.

Another thought occurred to me as I opened the 2015 calendar. What did I do with the 2014 year God gave me? For me, that was daunting question, and I know I did not do enough with what God gave me. I think we find ourselves going through the motions, and we look up and the year has gotten away from us. I also think if we let it, we can go through a lot of calendars and a lot of years and look up and wonder what we really did with the time we had.

Humbling thought, right?

So, as I lay out my 2015 calendar, I am going to do some things differently. I am going to be more aware of time and the value of time and be more involved in the moments of life. I am sure I will not do a perfect job at this and will miss some moments, but I am going to try. The older you get, the faster it seems the years go by.

If you are reading this blog, that means there is still time to adjust and change. One of my little granddaughters came into the office today; she is nearly two years old. I was in the middle of doing something that I am sure was important (ha), but I look around and there she came just walking into my office calling my name coming over to see me. Trust me when I tell you that everything I was working on came to a stop, and she took center stage of that moment. I can always work on some hotel deal or call some client later because at that moment, I needed to love on her and be right where I was. I want to be remembered as a grandfather that always took the time and was always there.

About made myself cry. Anyway, I suggest that we all really look at 2015 and decide in advance who and what we want to be and then start the process of doing just that. KT

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