Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you

That title is quite the tongue twister. It simply means to not go out of your way looking for trouble.

A perfect example of this is what some people seem to say on social media. I was taught years ago to never put something in writing that you would be ashamed to read aloud in open court. Ha. That is probably one of the best pieces of personal and business advice I have ever been given.

Today you have colleges students getting kicked out of school and booted from college teams for what they say in writing on social media. There are company executives for large corporations getting fired over things they put in writing on social media. Where did the idea come from that you could say whatever you want to say (in writing) on social media and not worry about any consequences. It is literally absurd that there are educated people that think this is how to behave.

How many times of late has some famous person said something wrong and get called out for it in the media? The media then demands the person apologize and when the person does, they blister him/her again. How dumb do you have to be to do this, especially when you have seen the last 100 people who made that misstate. It is like a music artist going political knowing that they will lose half of their customers. Ha. It makes no sense to me but hey, I am just an old school guy with old school manners.

Looking for trouble where none exists is like standing in the street hoping no cars will come by. Common sense is just that, it should be common for everyone to know it. Clearly even that term escapes many of the well healed, well-educated politicians, leaders, actors and music icons of our day.

Proverbs says in 11:27 (Christian standard version) The one who searches for what is good seeks favor, but if someone looks for trouble, it will come to him.

Many people think the bible is outdated, old fashion and not relevant today. I would argue that it is more relevant today than it was when it was written. KT

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