My little fat dog

We have a fat little Sheltie and a five-pound Yorkie. I would not recommend this combination, ha, but we love them. The Sheltie eats this dry food that is in pellets about half the size of a nickel. The Yorkie who is a lot younger still need the puppy food that is about half the size of the Sheltie’s food.

I don’t know what it is about dogs that makes them want to eat the other dog’s food, but it is a fact of life. This morning I had both dogs in the same room with one food bowl so I decided I would add both dog foods to the same bowl. I came back a little later and saw that the Sheltie had sniffed out every piece of the Yorkie’s food and left his food in the bowl.

The Sheltie’s snoot works like a vacuum hose. He just rakes it across and the food is gone. That said, make no mistake, the little Yorkie is the boss. At night I will put them food out in separate areas and it never fails, the Yorkie will go over and root the Sheltie out of the way and eat his food. The little fat Sheltie will just lumber away dejected. If he could talk, I would imagine he would mumble, “dadgummit, I waited too long.” KT

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