More behind the counter than what is displayed

In sales and in many areas of life, you never want to show/ display everything all at once. You always want to hold a little something back.

In business it is the tendency to want to tell the customer everything all up front. The problem with this strategy is that until the customer tells you about his wants and needs, you don’t know what is important to him. The objective is to display enough so he knows you know what you are talking about, but not enough for them to think you don’t need his business.

The magic in business starts when you find some common ground (family, friends, locations) with the customer and start building a rapport. It is only then that the customer starts trusting you and communicates where he is really at and what he really wants. If you just spray it all out in the first five minutes, he thinks you are either arrogant or not interested in what he has.

Its like when you are on a first date, you don’t tell the other person everything about you all at once. Same philosophy in business. You need a little communication and connection first or everything you are displaying doesn’t impress the client. Wait till they ask a question because that lets you know they are interested. KT

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