Messenger boy

The tongue is the messenger boy for the heart. If you have never read a word I have said before, please read this one. It could change your life.

If you have ever wondered what is in your heart in abundance, think about what came out of your mouth over the past two weeks and you will probably be close. The bible says that whatever is in your heart in abundance will come out of your mouth. It didn’t say it might, it said it will.

Have you recently been angry, jealous or in strife against someone else. Did you say something you wish you hadn’t said? Did you talk about someone recently behind there back? Did you verbally put someone down recently? Are they all against you? Did someone slight you recently? Where you involved in gossip?

Do you have conversations with yourself about what you wished you had said or what you are going to say the next time? See, these are all coming from the heart. The heart is the real you and it will eventually be spoken out of your mouth. You may be able to control it for a while but if you let your heart dwell on strife, anger and jealousy, you will one day say something that you can’t take back. Once it is said out loud, it can never be taken back as though it had never happened. We all know that this is true. Once you ring certain bells, you can never un-ring them.

The place to fix this is in your heart. The way to fix your heart is to have a real honest conversation with God about where you are going. God will not be surprised by what you tell him because he already knows it all. He is just waiting for you to speak it out loud.

In a blog post, you have about 4 paragraphs to get a point across and this point needs 20 pages. We don’t have 20 pages so please acknowledge that your heart is where you make change if you want to change your life. The change can be as simple as talking to God in a full on honest way and beginning the process of changing your heart.

Your tongue is the messenger boy for your heart and if you don’t want to be embarrassed one day by what the boy says, you need to start working on your heart. KT

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  1. I think the Lord sends out His reminders in waves. I was thinking about this very thing this past week and how the fruit of your mouth can be bitter or sweet, cause life of death, bring healing or distruction. I like the way you put it “messenger boy” for your heart.

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