Max Dugan

Max Dugan is the kind of man you do not want to mess with. He stands 6’4” and weighs 260 lbs. and he is the head of the Georgia Criminal Apprehension Unit. His neck is a 19” and his wrists are like a 2×4. When he was in the Navy he was the Seal Team leader and the most fair and capable man the navy has ever had. In a street fight, he is simply not the one you want to go against. He has been known to completely whip 6 men at a time.

He was working on a very difficult case in Indian Springs Georgia when a group of 5 guys decided he was getting too close to the truth. It was dark and they confronted Max and spread out in front of him. He has always known that you take the leader out first. The leader was the middle guy in the in front of him. He also knows that you put the threat down hard so they can’t get up again.

Max acted like he was limping so he could move a little closer to the leader. Faked a right so the leader would lift his head and then he hit him in the throat with his left. He went down like a horse and then Max swiveled and kicked the left guy in temple with and brought his momentum back around and caught the second guy from left in face with his elbow. The two right guys moved in for a take down when Max head budded the closest one. Blood flew everywhere and the guy went down hard on his knees. The last guy could not run away any faster.

He surveyed the four guys on the ground and looked at his watch. It took 8 seconds and he was a little miffed because he thought he should have been able to do in 6.


Ever heard of Max Dugan? Well he is the fictional character that I plan use in my first book. The first book will be about a civil war weapons stockpile that was buried in 1864 beneath the Wigwam Hotel in Indian Springs Georgia. A handwritten note was found in the old church’s wall that talked about the treasure. The guy that found the note knew there was only one person to call. Max Dugan.

Happy reading. KT

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