Making your mark on the world

Every person wants to make their mark on the world and be remembered for doing something good. This is true for men and women and if a couple is married, they want to leave an impression for their family lineage. It may be deep in your soul, but it is there in all of us.

To many, they spent their entire life searching for significance to make their mark on the world. We all want to be remembered as making a contribution to the world and it is not about money, houses, estates, and fame. It is about something much deeper.

Nancy Hanks Lincoln had no idea her tall strapping son would go on to save America. She just did what any other parent does. She believed in her son and raised him knowing right from wrong and gave him a self confidence and belief in himself to meet the world head on. Her son Abraham, when on to the Presidency of the United States. So, ask yourself, which was more important to her mark on life, the financial things, or her son. Of course, It was her son because she not only impacted Abraham’s life but countless generations that followed.

The greatest mark that Elaine and I will leave on this world is our two daughters. They are both incredible women who are not only beautiful, but soul deep leaders, mothers, wives, and givers. See, our two daughters will teach their children (our grandchildren) and the grandchildren will teach their children and it will go on for generations. The impact Elaine and I have will be found in the lives of our daughters and their lineage. So, the greatest mark we as a husband and wife could ever make on this world has already been made.

Pour the best you have into your children. The money, financial holdings and fame will quickly fade away but the example you set will last for generations. Who knows what 100 years from now will look like and where our lineage will be and what they will accomplish but it all starts with the here and now.

Merry Christmas. KT

4 thoughts on “Making your mark on the world

  1. The family lineage left to one’s children is truly a treasure and to be valued. Wally and I thank you for your Godly example and also for loving our Matthew! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Keith & Elaine.

    1. Sorry i didn’t see this earlier. Thank you for you kind works and i do love Leslie and Matt with all of my heart. Have a great 2022. KT

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