Making your calling and election sure

Sometimes when you make a decision and it looks like it is not going as well as you envisioned, you need to hit the pause button and think it through before you turn back and make another decision.

In 2nd Peter 1:10 there is a passage of scripture that includes the following section. King James Version – “Brethren, be more diligent to make your calling and election sure. “Does that mean you can’t make mistakes and can’t change your mind? No. We are human and we make mistakes and God understands that and more importantly, he forgives us. His objective is to get us where he wants us to end up. It’s like a GPS if you miss a turn. It will recalculate to still get you to the same destination.

Sometimes though you just know in your heart that you need to make the best of a decision you have made. I believe that is what the bible verse is speaking about. In other words, you need to stay with the decision and make your election/decision sure. Sometimes even a marriage is toxic and unhealthy. My own parents divorced when me and my sister were young. It was the right decision for us kids as well as for my parents. God picked up the pieces and gave both my parents a new perspective and life that translated through to us kids in the form of a good childhood without family strife. Sure, it was a tough decision but it was the right one.

When I left a large public company to start my own brokerage firm, it was probably the most uncomfortable time in my professional career. Up to that point, I had always had other people alongside me to help in the business. The day I left, I packed up my personal stuff to start something new and my prayer on the way home was very simple. “show me your will and let your favor and anointing cover me and go before me in this decision and I will always give you the credit for it.” I can say without question that I have always given God the credit for our business because the truth is, on my own, I am just not smart enough. I guess you could say that once I made that decision, it was one of those choices that I knew in my heart that I would have to see it through to the end.

So, not ever decision you make means you must give your life, peace, joy and future to it. Even the bible says that sometimes a wise man changes his mind. That said, there are also decisions that we just know in our hearts that we need to stay with and see it through and in effect, make our election and decision sure. KT

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    1. The calling he’s referring to in verse 10 starts in verse 3 “the calling to his own glory and excellence”. Peter is pointing out that these churches in Asia Minor need to remember the gracious calling of God that saved them- that their sins have been forgiven, and out of that grateful heart practice faith, virtue, knowledge, self control, steadfastness, godliness, care for their brothers and love. It’s good for us to remember with what a great love we have been saved, because it pushes us forward into further obedience knowing that v.10b ” if you practice these qualities, you will never fall”

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