Making people happy

It is funny how something imagined can still make someone happy.

Funny story-

Years ago, I had a restaurant in Columbus, Georgia. We served breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our clientele was across all ages and as you can imagine, it is tough keeping everyone happy. Our dining room in the restaurant was big and could often get cooler or warmer depending on the time of day and the crowd.

During breakfast and lunch, I would get 10-15 people that said the dining room was too cold or too hot. For several years, I would change the thermostat as each request was made and that would only cause more requests.

One day, I mounted a thermostat in the dining room and decided I would ask the guest that complained to change the thermostat to where they wanted it. The people could not have been happier because they got to set the temperature where they wanted it, and it also gave the guest a level of control that made them feel good.

I never told anyone that the thermostat wasn’t hooked up to anything. Ha.

Let me tell you though, I had some happy customers. KT

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