Let your speech be seasoned

One of my favorite passages of scripture is Colossians 4:6. It reads “let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer every man.”

If you stutter like I do, this passage takes on a whole new meaning. I was having dinner with my Mom and Gene one day as I was traveling through Fredericksburg. We were talking about life, family and the usual topics that are discussed. My mom looked at me and ask if something was troubling me. Well, since she asked, I told her that my stuttering seems at times to be worse than normal, and it was concerning me.

My mom quoted this passage to me. I have read that passage many times, but it never took on the impact as it did that evening. It was simply the word I needed that day and many days since. I have often wondered how the Bible can be so on point, and it is because it is the word of God. The passages that may not be relevant to you today, may be very relevant tomorrow. It is the living, breathing word of God

That day, I needed some grace in my words, and I needed them seasoned so they would come out right. When I read that passage, it says to me “it is a choice.” The word it starts with is “Let,” meaning it is something I can choose to let happen or not. Just like you, many things are a choice if we let God in or not.

Speech is just like a lot of other personality traits. It’s an attitude that if you believe you can, you can. Inferiority, doubt and fear can be debilitating to a person, but it is also a choice to live with it or overcome it. I like overcoming it better.

So, before I go into a meeting I always ask The Lord to prepare me to speak with grace and let my words be seasoned with salt so I will know how to answer every man. KT

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