People by their very nature are leaners. Things we hide behind, lean on, or crutches we use. The following are examples of things people lean on: looks, education, history, talents, money, weight, health, looks, titles, speech, status, possessions, family, things, cars etc. etc. The list could go on for pages. The point is we all subconsciously lean on something to help us navigate through life.

The difficulty in life comes when that thing or things we have leaned on, goes away. I think it is important to make sure what you are leaning on for support, will last. History is of full of wealthy people that leaned on their money and when it went away, they were adrift. Your appearance and health are two things that could change on one bad report from the doctor. Titles, status, possessions, and things could be here today and gone tomorrow. If what you have built your personality and life around suddenly changes, what do you do?

I believe we shouldn’t build our house (our life) on the sand. We need a firm foundation that will not change. The house built on the sand may look just as great as the house built on the rock for a while, but as we all know in life, looks can be deceiving. Sometimes the very thing that looked so good may lose its luster after time. In life we need to choose well and select a foundation that will stand the test of time. Jesus said, “I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” That sounds like the kind of foundation we all need to choose. KT  

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