Last time in your bed

In my previous blog, I told you about my stepmom. While this will apply to her situation, it also applies to a much more important situation.

My daughter Leslie and I were talking today about hospice for my stepmom, and she said something that gave me great pause.

She said, “no one ever expects that when they get up, it will be the last time sleeping in their own bed”

This applies to my stepmom, but it also applies to each of us. There are car accidents, heart attacks, plane crashes, and sometimes when the body just gives out. This is what I want to talk about.

If you knew tomorrow morning that when you got up it would be the last time you would ever sleep in your own bed, would you do something different today with your life? Tomorrow morning could be the last day for any of us, yet many are not prepared.

While you still can, tell the ones most important to you how much you love them, hug your babies even if they are grown adults, and use today to show love and compassion and kindness in everything you do. I believe one of the worst feelings has to be when you are on the one yard line of life and you know there are unresolved issues within your family.

Choose today and choose now because tomorrow will come and you may not be able to finish what you should. So do it today. KT

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