Larger than life

Some people when they are born, come out with a personality that is larger than life. They just have this thing about them that is contagious, and people listen when they talk. It can’t be taught but it can be learned. It is not about who is the loudest in the room. It is a person’s quiet confidence and mannerisms that draw people to them.

I played football with this guy in high school and he was our quarterback. He was the smallest guy on the team, yet he played far beyond what his stature would indicate was possible. It was his personality. He just believed in himself and what he was doing more than the rest of us. On another note we had this camping friend growing up named Bobby. He was a large powerful man, but his personality is what captured you. He could win over the crowd without even trying. Lastly, I know two young women (sisters actually) that both have this gift of quiet confidence that causes people to pay attention when they talk. They are larger than life.

I have friends today that are like that. Some are in my business and one is in my Sunday school class at church. All these people just seem larger than life and leave a deep impression wherever they go.

Like I noted earlier, it can’t be taught but it can be learned. It starts with a person’s self-esteem and self-esteem starts with making the decision to step into who you were really meant to be. Many people live their whole life never really being who they are meant to be. For some it is caused by fear, anxiety, inferiority etc., but for many people, it is just a decision away. This might sound strange but take one day, only one day and make the decision that in every conversation and interaction that day you will be who you want to be in your heart. Ask yourself at the end of that day if you want to do that for a second day or go back to how you were the day before. My guess is that if you act like this several days in a row, it just may be the shift you have been looking for. It can be learned but only through repetition can it began to change how you look at yourself and the world around you. KT

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