July 4th

We live in a world that is becoming less and less aware of who the real heroes are. With social media and mainstream news, the messaging continues to confuse who and what a hero is and who is worthy of our respect. Just about every faction of our society is represented in the news as being the example we all should follow. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Our country is in the middle of a battle for the hearts and minds of our youth.

I served in the military and for me, a hero is not an outspoken athlete, Hollywood actor or misguided politician. For me the greatest display of heroes is found at Dover Air Force base where service members from all five branches of the military that are killed in combat are repatriated. In other words, it is where our fallen service members are brought home to the United States.

A hero is not defined by the amount of money, fame, influence or social status they have. I believe the honor of hero should be given to the ones who fought to provide the opportunity for those who have money, fame, influence and social status. Just maybe, it would be helpful for all of us to be present at Dover just one time to watch the military caskets with flags draped over them as they are carried with military precision from the plane with the ultimate respect of what should be a grateful nation. That is what a hero is.

On this 4th of July, pause and remember the literally hundreds of thousands of young men and women that gave their life so that we, as a nation can live free and read a blog post. KT

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