Judgmental people

Have you ever met someone that never gives anyone anything and never helps someone in need because their excuse is always, “they are in that situation by choice.” or “they should have known better.” or my favorite, “if I give them money they will just buy drugs or alcohol with it.”

What most of these type people have in common is  they have never been in need. There is a hole in their heart they can’t seem to ever fill.

Two memories that are burned into my heart both involved my two daughters when they were young. They both were tender with a heart to give and to help.

When my oldest daughter was in elementary school, there was a little girl in her class that my daughter (even though she was young) knew she needed some clothes. We went and bought some clothes for the little girl and she wrapped them for Christmas for the little girl and we took the gift over to the little girl’s apartment where she lived. I watched as my baby gave another person’s baby some clothes for Christmas. She did this with no expectation for anything in return. She just wanted to help the little girl. When we left, I didn’t let my daughter see my tears but that act of kindness left a forever impression on my life. My oldest daughter to this day has the same loving and giving spirit as she did that day for that little girl in that small apartment.

When my youngest daughter was dating, she came home one night crying. She told us about her and her date sitting at a restaurant when a little girl about nine years old came up to their table and ask for enough money to get on the bus. My daughter’s date didn’t act quite right (which is probably why she broke up with him) and only gave the little girl a dollar or two. By the time my daughter got home she was crying over that little girl and wanted to go back to the area and see if we could find her and help her. Yes, we got in the car and went back up there to find her. We didn’t find the little girl that night but going the extra mile was what my daughter needed. I have no doubt if we had found that little girl, she would probably have come home with us that night. Like the first story, my youngest daughter didn’t see the tears in my eyes on the way home but that moment, like the first story, left a forever impression on my life and what it really means to help others. My youngest daughter, like my oldest daughter to this day has the same loving and giving spirit as she did that night for that little girl.

You can think what you want, but I believe God sees your heart and fully knows who you really are. When you show kindness to those in need, he is watching. Don’t let God catch you being one of the people described in the first paragraph. The truth is, the bible in Matthew 7: 1-2, starts with the words, ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged’ and then read verse 2 (on your own.) If that doesn’t drive home my point today, I will pray for you. KT

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