It’s the simple things that matter

How do you get to the point when the simple things matter and are noticed? We get so wrapped up in the destination that we forget the journey. How many times have you heard things like: when I get that job I will be happy, get that house, get that promotion, when the children start school, when the children finish school, etc. What we are in essence saying to ourselves is when “that” event happens then I will be happy. You and I both know there will always be something beyond that event that you will have to have in order to be happy and at peace.

I believe the first three “fruits of the Spirit” the Bible speaks of (Love, Joy and Peace) are the key to a fulfilled life. See, they are all a choice we make, and I believe they operate in that order. I think when you choose to “Love” others, forgive often, and look for the best in people versus the worst, you experience joy in the simple things of life. I believe peace will be a result of choosing first to love.

If we listed the top 10 things we all want in life, peace and contentment would be at the top. Money is way down the list. The thing we want most is to sleep well without strife, have a great cup of Starbucks in morning, laugh with our spouse, hug and kiss our children with such passion, be respected, be loved, see grass, flowers, sky, and know all is well with our soul.

So, Love, Joy and Peace are all a choice, and it all starts with the decision to see the best in people and act in love versus strife. When you do this, you are literally choosing your life because of the health implications of being more at peace as well as the spiritual implication of that decision.

Sometimes you just have to choose and choose well. KT

One thought on “It’s the simple things that matter

  1. Amen to that. When my youngest son and all his friends are in the house, nothing is in “order” but love, joy, and peace (for me I can add long suffering, lol) is everywhere.

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