Is that my daddy?

Yesterday we had our two granddaughters over at the house. The youngest (3 yrs.) was supposed to be taking a nap on the bed but it just wasn’t happening. We were doing more wrestling than anything and I was kissing her and telling her stories. Her daddy came to the house to pick them up and she heard him talking. She looks up at me and asked “is that my daddy?” See, she recognized his voice even though she couldn’t see him.

In the bible it speaks many times of shepherds and their sheep. What many people don’t know is that at night multiple shepherds will put their flocks of sheep together in the same area and the shepherds will keep guard over the sheep. The next morning one shepherd will call his sheep and watch as his sheep move out from the other sheep and come to him. See, they recognize the voice of their shepherd. Of course in the bible the metaphor is that Jesus is our shepherd and we are his sheep and we know his voice.

Just like my little granddaughter knew her daddy’s voice, I know my heavenly father’s voice when he speaks to me in my heart. Just like the sheep didn’t come when the other shepherds called, because it wasn’t their shepherd. They only came when they heard the voice of their shepherd.

I suppose the question is, do you recognized when God is talking to you? Can you hear his leading among all the other noises in the world? I will tell you that when he leads, it will be in your heart and it will be a still calm voice that is easy to trust and full of peace. It will come from the God of peace. KT

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