Inside or outside

When you start a new project, the question becomes, do I start building from the inside first or the outside first. Do I start with how it looks or how it functions?

I will give you several examples to ponder. Let’s say you want to get in better physical shape and drop a few pounds. You probably shouldn’t buy new cloths (outside look) until you get in shape (inside look) first. If you are fixing up a house, you probably should start on the inside changes first and paint the outside last. If you are an automobile designer, they always start with what the outside will look like first and then create the inside interior, engine etc. after they have established the outside design. If you are an architect designing a new building, you always start with the exterior renderings first and then layout the interior. If you are a clothes designer, you start with what the dress will look like before you start picking out the type of thread you will use.

So, my point is that in some situations you start on the inside first and other situations you start on the outside first. If it is a new vison, idea, design of some type, the starting point is usually the final look (outside) you are going for. Whatever you are planning, it is important to know where to start. If you are fixing something that already exists, (like a house) you probably will start on the inside first and paint the outside last. So, the difference is if you are fixing or changing something that already exists or if you are creating something from scratch. The smart play in whatever you are doing is to know where to start. KT

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