If you could hit pause

If you could hit pause and stay in one period of time in your life, when would you choose?

Would that be in high school, college, right after you graduated, when you first got married, when your children were small, when you got your first job, in your early 20’s, late 20’s, 40’s, when your children graduated from college, when they got married, when they left home, when you became an empty nester, when you first retired, etc. Got the idea?

There is a period when we all were or are the happiest. If we could go back to that time period and stay in that period, when would that be for you?

I guess the real question is how you get your life to the point that you would choose now versus sometime in the past. How do you get your joy back? How do you become all that you want to be today? I am convinced it is not about money, jobs, titles, houses or status. It is really much simpler than that. It is about when you were the happiest and had the most peace in your life. When you could laugh out loud, feel, cry, and enjoy little moments and when you and your family were full of hope, love and joy.

That’s it. You would choose when you were at the most peace, had the most joy and filled with the most hope for the future.

How do you get it back?

Obviously we cannot go back and we only have today and the future. I believe in God’s perfect will, he would want us to choose today. He would want us to be full of joy, peace and hope today. So the question is how we become “today” people instead of “yesterday” people. Well, I believe it begins with beginning and I think beginning starts with a real direct conversation with God. He wants to hear your pain, heartache, problems and hear what your hope for the future is. Side note here, I have never seen God look at his watch while I am talking to him. Ok, back to the blog. At some point we all have to choose a path. The path that will take us forward or the path that will keep us looking behind. Everyone has different issues that need to be overcome and different dreams that need to be restored. We all have trust issues and keep our hearts covered with a veil so we won’t get hurt.

If there is ever a time to sit down in a quiet place, turn off the phone, and deal with your life, I believe it is now. If not today, when? Do you want to be in the same place 5 years from now? If your answer is no, then take a few hours by yourself and get out a writing pad and while praying and talking to God, write down your dreams and desires, hurts, fears, and past and also write down what you hear from God. Write it down because I am telling by experience that God will give you what to write down and it will be direct from the almighty. I can also tell you by experience, that what you write down on that day will become so very precious to you for many years.

For me, my period of pause would be now. I know it is going to change because life is like that but if I could stay in any period of my life, it would now. KT

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