If you could fast forward, would you do it

When I look at 2020 (so far) I am reminded of the movie Click, with Adam Sandler. The movie (while maybe not intended) had a very powerful message. Be there today. In 2020 the country has experienced some things that have shaken our nation to the core.

I spoke with a friend of mine in New Orleans and we had this conversation regarding hotel real estate in the last 90 days. He tells me that on top of everything else, that hurricane Cristobal is heading straight for New Orleans this Sunday.

So, my point is that if there was ever a period (like in the movie) we would like to fast forward through, it may be the balance of 2020. Ha. The truth is we are going get through this together. The economy (not the tech companies) has been handed a set of circumstances (COVID) no one knows how to handle because no one imagined it could have happened. Except for the beach markets, the hotel industry and most all other commercial industries are holding their breath on what could likely be a very difficult financial year.

In the middle of all that has happened this year, we have been blessed with our third granddaughter and when I hold her, I promise to myself that I will preserver as best I can so she will have a better life. While I don’t know, I suspect that is what the 418,000 United States service men and service women who died fighting in WWII also thought. We all need to leave it better than when we found it and raise our families so they can make it better for the next generation. KT

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