If what you are doing isn’t working, try doing the opposite

Years ago, my dad I were at his house working on my 64 Impala Super Sport and had taken the hood and hinges off in the process. When we went to put the hinges and hood back on, I learned one of the best lessons I have ever known.

My dad was an aircraft jet mechanic with Eastern Airlines. To say he was a mechanic is almost an understatement. We bolted on the hinges and the hood but couldn’t get it to go all the way down. We knew the hinges were on the correct way so we adjusted them all the way up and then all the way down but could not get the hood to close correctly. My brother Mark, who is also a certified mechanic had stopped by while this was going on. He looked at what we were doing and said something that day that has stayed with me.

He said, “if what you are doing isn’t working, try doing the opposite.” We said well, ok, and took the hinges off and turned them upside down even though they looked wrong. We bolted the hood on, and it closed as smooth and perfect as you could wish for.

In life, finances, raising children, exercise, relationships, work etc. sometimes (not every time of course) if you are having trouble making something work, take a step back and try it differently. Like the story above about my car, it may surprise you what can happen. KT

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