I am not giving up my horse

When automobile sales were ramping up after Ford was formed in 1903, there were thousands of people that said there was no way they would buy a car and give up their horses. It is the same with most every invention as they came along. A few examples are the phone, electricity, airplanes, air conditioning, gas stoves, highways, computers etc.

I remember when the blackberry replaced the cell phone. You could download all your contacts to the blackberry and see who was calling you versus just seeing a phone number pop up. I remember carrying the blackberry for emails, but I also carried a separate cell phone because I didn’t fully trust the Blackberry would work. The first time I saw a guy holding up the Blackberry taking a call, I thought that it was the dumbest looking thing I had ever seen. It looked like he was holding a shoe up to his ear. Ha

The point is there will always be innovation and the tendency is usually to immediately push back from change. All change is not all good and we don’t have to adopt everything that comes along. I think the older I get, the less I like change, but I do think that riding in a car when it is cold outside trumps riding a horse. KT

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