How you imagine others

Have you ever had a situation with someone else that may have not turned out the way you expected? It could be a slight by a person or someone did something that hurt you or some event happened and you think that other person was responsible. Get the idea?

The real funny part is that in your imagination, you see the other person tactically and strategically doing whatever you think they did. You think they said this or did that because they knew certain things would happen etc. let me tell you something. Other people are not smart enough to calculate a secretive way to hurt you. It is all your imagination and possibly a little circumstance mixed in.

The truth is, this is how your mind works and the imaginations Satan wants to stir up within you. It is how he steels your peace. If you think of the Navy Seals or the Army Rangers when they go into battle at night, they have these night vison goggles. Get this image. They land in the night and it is dark, then they pull down the night vison goggles, they can see clearly as though it were daylight.

Think about this spiritually and metaphorically. Symbolically what you need to do when these thoughts of someone else secretively trying to harm you, is to imagine flipping down your night vison goggles so you can see the enemy. When you do this symbolically, you can see what Satan is trying to get you to believe. Don’t buy it because almost 100 out of 100 times you will imagine things and events that are just not true.

I heard a pastor say one time, that if Satan can steal your joy, he will steal your goods. Don’t let him have his way in your imagination or in your daily life. If you do, it is like poison ivy that just spreads and spreads until you look up one day and say, how did this happen? So the answer is to head it off by not letting your imagination run free and you will find that you have more peace and more joy. KT

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