Homemade cookies

I went home today for lunch because our two granddaughters were there. I walk in and they come running to me for a hug and a kiss and then they take me in the dining room to show me the special fall cookies that Elaine helped them make. They were so excited they couldn’t hardly contain themselves. Elaine then helped them make some special wrapped hotdogs for lunch and we sat down and talked while we ate lunch together. It was really a great moment.

In life we all too often think that we will always more moments and without being cognizant of it, we may hurry through a special moment, again because we assume and expect we will have many more of them.

Take the moments as they come and choose to be there in both mind and body. Hopefully we all will have many many more moments with the true treasures of our life because no one knows when the moments will end. My advice is to be at peace, be joyful, be real and be there. KT

2 thoughts on “Homemade cookies

  1. I’m going to take a minute and tell you about a similar thing that happened at our house. On a Monday out of the blue I cooked a roast intending to only feed 4 people. I had two roasts so I went on and cooked them both. not expecting more people, just cooking ahead for another night. Isaac texted me at 7:30PM and said mom can so more friends stay? Well, yes. So I decided to set the table and just go with it. I don’t get off work until 8PM so I had all the company start getting setup and at 8:30PM we all sat down and the eight of us had a party. I enjoyed that moment in time so much because it may not come again soon or often.

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