Highest, Biggest and Worst

Within the last 30 days we have witnessed three of the biggest financial swings in US history. Nothing like this has ever been seen before. It not only has never happened before, no one ever thought it possible.

30 days ago, the stock market was literally at the highest peak of all time. The Dow, S&P. Nasdaq etc. All were at the highest level they had ever been. March 16th, 2020 was the single day greatest point drop decline in history and this week saw the greatest single day point increase is history.

You ask, how is this possible? I don’t know. You could go for decades and not have one of these events. We have had all three in the last 30 days.

God created several (probably more) type personalities when it comes to money. People say things and tweet things and give opinions they would never do in their own life. Its for show and influence. When a person is deciding about their own money, all that goes bull goes out the window. It could be 500 dollars or 5 million dollars, the decision still comes down to what you are the most comfortable with.

It is about risk, anxiety, peace and sleep. I have a good friend who just loves, loves, loves to trade stocks every day with all the ups and downs. Then I have friends that only earn set interest at the bank. I will tell you though that the person who is getting 2% fixed interest on his saving account, to some people, might have look a little silly 30 days ago. Well, 11 days ago that same person looked like an investment genius.

The point I am making is to really ask yourself which approach will bring you the most peace and that is the way you should go. If trading stocks helps you sleep better, go be mister wall street. However, if is the slow and steady approach that helps you stay more comfortable, that is what you should do. Choose well. KT

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