Helping the poor

Helping the poor and those in need should be a basic thing we all do. Help can take many forms from money, time and talent. It is the giving of any or all these things that mean the most to those in need and to the giver, you. There are people that simply need to know someone still cares.

It is also important to understand that the giver should give out of their abundance (their extra) and not from their own need. What I mean is to not take your house payment and use it to help the poor. The best approach is to give when you can, and I believe God honors that.

The strange thing about giving to the poor is the impact it makes on the life of the one who gives. If you want the quickest way to regain balance, perspective, calm and rest in your own life, find someone or some organization to help. I believe that God looks most favorable on those who give of themselves to help others in need. I can tell you that some of the greatest moments of my own self-worth came from giving to others.

The holidays are a time of joy for many people but also a time of stress, anxiety and apprehension for others. For many there is a quiet uneasiness for what the new year will hold. Will it be better or more of the same as this year? There is no perfect solution but one of the best ways I know to regain your own joy is to start helping the poor when you can. I use the term magical very loosely only to describe in a worldly term what I mean. When you give it simply does something in your heart like nothing else can. In a manner of speaking, it is therapeutic to your soul and it creates a renewed hope in your spirit.

At this time of year if you feel worried or anxious about the future, maybe try giving. KT

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