Having the time of your life

You know when the time of your life is? It is right now.

Why? Because now is all you can be certain you have.

I was at a family gathering yesterday, and we were looking at old pictures of our family: the ones living and the ones who have passed on. I was sitting there and realized that the past 15 years have not only have zipped by, but they are gone and over. Sometimes I think our girls should still be in middle school and Elaine should be in our 30s, but I stop and realize that that period is never coming back. You hear folks tell you that the speed of life gets faster, but when you are young it seems like the children will never sleep all night or be able to dress themselves. Well, it is fast, and the part of our children’s lives that include school, college, weddings are all past now. We are now in the next phase of our family’s life.

At the family gathering, I saw pictures of my grandparents and parents through their life cycles and when they were my age now and took glimpses into their life through the pictures. Many have gone on to be with the Lord.

One day, my children’s children’s children will be looking at pictures of Elaine and I thinking the same things I thought yesterday, such as who they were, what did they do with their life, what did they stand for, what difference did they make, and what legacy did they leave?

So, back to the first question… do you know when the time of your life is? It is right now. KT

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