Golden Corral

I left yesterday at 6:30am to go show a hotel in Memphis (6 hour drive), did the showing, met with the investors for a while and then drove to Anniston Alabama (4 hours) before ending the day. I was hungry and beat when I got to Anniston at 9 pm. I did not want to go to a restaurant, wait to be seated, get seated, order food, wait for the food, eat the food, wait for the check and then wait to pay the check. I wanted a 12 minute food experience. Pay in advance, straight to the grub and out the door.

When I was pulling off the exit I looked to the right and saw a Golden Corral restaurant and guess where I chose to dine last night. Yep, the buffet was the ticket for the dining festivities last night. Many choices, lots of vegetables, every kind of meat from Spam to steak and it was quick.

As I was eating my third plate about 8 minutes after I entered the door, I got to thinking about what it would be like to eat at a traditional restaurant and trying to order the same meal I was just eating. It would go like this:

The waitress would come over to the table and ask me if I am ready to order. I would look up and say, well, as a matter of fact I am ready to order. As she is holding the pen and ready to take my order I start to tell her what I would like to have for dinner. I say, on the first plate, I would like some seafood salad, some mandarin Chinese chicken, some spicy grilled chicken, some fried Okra, sliced peaches, cottage cheese and a piece of fried fish. On the second plate, I would like some collard greens, sautéed carrots, black eyed peas, green beans, corn, cabbage and a piece of fried chicken. Then I would say,,,,,, on the third plate, I would like a little more of the sweet mandarin Chinese chicken, some more corn, another big scoop of fried okra and another piece of fried chicken. And for desert, you get the picture. Ha

Can you see the look on the waitress’s face while you are trying to order a Golden Corral dinner at any other restaurant?

Well, it was 12 minutes of any food I wanted, no waiting, no fuss, and no delay. It was the perfect 12 minute dinner. Now I know why Jeff Foxworthy likes it so much. KT

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  1. You are so funny. I knew a man one time that thought going to a really nice special dinner was going to Golden Coral. Now I know why. lol

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