Going to Mama’s house

Tomorrow we are driving to Virginia to see my mom and dad. What a gift.

It seems like yesterday when they were the age I am now and our children were young like our grandchildren are now. A lot of living has happened in these past 25 years and I am sure there were times when my parents wanted me to hurry up and get older. Being parents with small children is a fantastic and great season of life but it is also stressful juggling all the challenges of being young working parents.

What my point? It is that life moves so quickly that you look up one day and 10 years have passed and you struggle remembering where it went. The second point is that my mother and dad are still alive and in good health and at 57 years old, I still get to go to my parent’s house and hug their necks and tell them I love them. The third point is I know there will be a fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy dinner there somewhere. Ha.

Be present and focus on the moments of your life and capture and preserve the precious memories because one day, the memories will be all you have left. KT

One thought on “Going to Mama’s house

  1. How long has it been since you and I were at Mom and Gene’s table together for fried chicken? I will be there Friday night so I hope we have it then. LOL

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